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Not Just any radio show

Hi dear iPhone users, if you are reading this I will highly recommend you download Immigration Mic podcasts, truth is the space provided by Hendel Leiva for people to share their stories is to educate our communities about the struggles we as immigrants and undocumented immigrants have to struggle with every day in a society that now a days sees us as criminals, this space opens a door for us to express ourselves and invites you the people to get involved and raise your voices to learn from others to overcome obstacles and keep the fight for justice hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have God bless y'all

Refreshing, Real Conversations!

As the daughter of two immigrant parents, it's great to hear people finally having a safe place to talk about their experiences without judgement and hidden agendas. I enjoy listening to them and am glad that, even with today's oppressive environment for immigrants, people are brave enough to come forward and share their experiences. Can't wait for more MUST LISTEN interviews!

Real Stories From The Heart

Immigration stories and perspectives that are needed during these trying political times. It's important to hear these real stories, as opposed to news clips that don't give you a full picture.

Genuine, Entertaining, and Vital

These podcasts have shined a light on the issues immigrants face nationally. It is genuine, entertaining, and is vital to the conversation.

Exciting, New, Fresh (to say the least)

Coming across Immigration MIC has been a pleasurable experience, Hendel Leiva has created a platform where immigrants or children of immigrants can voice their insight and experience and what it means to be an immigrant in modern America, a place where the welcome mat is not as welcoming as before. Immigration MIC podcast has given me a unique perspective on what it means to grow up Latino in the 21st century, it's a must listen, I encourage anyone seeking first hand accounts of modern immigrants and immigration movements happening around us to listen. Great to see a place where untold stories, can be told and shared without judgment nor shame.

A Must Listen!

This is an absolutely fantastic podcast which brings to the light the real stories of those in the immigrant community as can only by done, in their own words. Insightful, thought provoking, and inspirational, this podcast is a must listen!

This podcast is one of the only unbiased and honest shows about the immigration activism world.

This podcast is one of the only unbiased and honest shows about the immigration activism world. I have been immigration activist for over six years now and I have yet to come by a podcast whose main goal is to only uplift the stories of real people that dedicate their lives to the cause. I highly recommend that you subscribe and support Immigration Mic's work.