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Love the authenticity, variety, and depth that this podcast brings to the table. Appreciate what you’re building here and keep up all of the strong work so far!

Insightful podcast on immigrant stories

Hendel is a great producer and highlights unique activists, community leaders and business owners in Long Island that have eye-opening stories. Puts into perspective mainstream media themes of immigrants, and debunks it in different episodes. Definitely recommend!

Informed and Accessible

Hendel has a genuine passion for the immigrant narrative and finding uplifting beacons to share their story’s. He has created a palpable platform that is well informed and accessible.

This podcast is doing amazing work!

I love the platform Hendel has built and the support community he is creating. Its really a wonderful thing that people with all types of connections to immigrant rights can come on this show and share their stories and experiences! Hendel is an awesome person and is working extremly hard to build an amazing network of talented and brave people. Keep an eye out on all of his future projects!!

A Powerful Platform For Immigration Stories

I have had the privilege to be interviewed by Hendel on this show and the experience was empowering and he gave me a strong platform to speak on my experience being a DACA recipient. The flow of each episode is attention-grabbing and immersive.

Amazing show

Hendel delivers an amazing show with thought provoking guests. You hear the true immigration story and the people in it. He asks great questions and delivers a high quality podcast we can all learn from. Thanks and keep posting great content!

Culture & Immigration on the mic

I was interviewed by Mr. Hendel himself and he’s an excellent listener. His questions throughout the episodes really showcase the person behind the mic. Plus, Hendel always remembers to bring it back to la cultura (the culture) ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Amazing and Inspirational Storyteller

I met Hendel at Podfest and right away I appreciated him sharing his testimony with me on why he started this podcast. I’ve listened to a couple episodes so far and I love how he captures each individual story. Each episode is inspirational, empowering, and authentic. I can hear a piece of myself in each person’s journey. Thank you for creating this podcast Hendel!

So proud to see the Latino youth raise

A great educated view on immigration and how it personally effects all of us. Great job, Handel!

Best poacast

It’s so refreshing to see more people fighting to make our stories be heard. I’m so grateful for this podcast. Thank you Hendel for creating a space for us!


I met Hendel when he had just created his first film, “From One Mistake,” which documented some of the personal journey Hendel began on this path. The path led him to some of the most honest, heartfelt, and brilliant work I have seen done within the movement. Storytelling has long been an important part of human life, it has incredible power to change lives. This is what Hendel captures, the brilliance of storytelling. His guests bear their souls and speak honestly about their journeys, where these people have come from, where they are now and where their dreams may take them. They speak of their difficulties and triumphs, connecting to the heart of anyone blessed enough to tune in. I give this podcast my highest recommendation, please take the time to sit and listen.


WOW! This was a very powerful, insightful and inspiring podcast! I feel so honored to have connected you guys with each other. I thank GOD, it was meant to be! Let’s keep this conversation going!

Great Podcast

Hendel is an amazing person!!! The way he interviews and gets others to tell their personal stories is amazing. I have had the Honor of knowing Hendel. He pushes you to limits you never knew you had. This podcast is opening doors for listeners who are thinking of making Changes as well...

True Vulnerability

This show taps into real stories that inspire change. Thank you for the vulnerability! It takes real courage to talk about such heated issues, to be candid about them, and reveal personal, powerful information. I look forward to seeing where this progresses.

The real deal!

When I virtually met Hendel, I thought it was just another journalist wanting to use my story for his benefit, man was I wrong. This was one of the most fun, honest, raw and simply outstanding opportunities for me to lift my story and for him to use it as an advocate for us. I’m ever so proud of how far you have come can’t wait to see where you go! Every one of these stories is powerful become belief. The way that Hendel interacts with his guests is so real, never speaking for them or putting talking points in their stories. Immigration MIC is a MUST HEAR for everyone!

Hendel rocks!

I love this show and the work Hendel does. He is great and has a unique approach to the immigration discussion. I def recommend!

Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

Immigration Mic brings voices from across the country to talk about the intersections of our identities: what we call ours, how we make place for ourselves, and the forces that pull us from each other. The show’s analysis on the many issues facing immigrant communities, makes this an intimate view into why the political is personal. I’ve been a fan since 2016, and will continue to listen for episodes to come. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

Worth a listen

Hendel is passionate about his craft. It’s beyond storytelling, it’s human connection ♥️ check out his work

Vital to the cause and entertaining!

This podcast is so meaningful to the cause. Real people, with real experiences and real emotions as it comes to their immigration experiences. The host is compelling and real gets personal. Love it!!! This is definitely worth your time!

Great podcast

I love what Hendel does and really enjoy listening to him discuss immigration issues through the lens of storytelling. Keep up the good work!


Hendel's work consistently shines a light on what the immigrant experience truly is. Super grateful to have been a part of the show!

Love this podcast!

I love hearing about this type of conversation because it very important in our day! He all need to be aware of what is happening in the world!

Must Hear Podcast!!

Hendel and his podcasts include great insights on real world issues involving immigration and the true struggles people face. Personal stories about immigration are sometimes tough to hear but they are necessary and this podcast covers that.

Inspiring and Different

Hendel does a great job on this podcast. You’ll get a range of voices, not just the major leaders of the movement, but the every day people + their stories. It’s amazing how far and wide everyone comes from. The interviews are thorough and inspiring, it’ll leave you early waiting the next one.

Real and honest stories

I have to say, all these stories are amazing and so many young people can relate to them! I was honored to have been interviewed last year. It was such a great experience to share my story and speak about the activism work that I do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and keep up the great work!

Hendel is creating a voice for the voiceless

Thank you Hendel for being open, honest and raw with your own truth to help all and shinning a light for immigrants and their children. Keep up the great work!


10/10 would listen to this again and again ! Always excited when a new episode is uploaded. Love seeing activist such as Hendel conducting interviews that really speak out about to the immigrant experience.

Nothing like IT!

There is nothing like Immigration MIC... NOTHING. It’s been a pleasure to be a guest on the show. Speaking for myself, it was a challenge to open up; I never thought my story was necessary or that anyone would want to listen. What started off as a simple conversation about why I started being a little bit more involved in my community and speaking for the first time about my family’s immigration story has made me realize there is power in storytelling. Everyone’s story is different, and that’s what’s great about Immigration MIC- that it provides the platform for these stories to be heard. Thank you Hendel for starting it!!!

Giving voice to the unheard sides of Immigration

Hendel las episodes shines a light on different sides of the immigrant experience through his show. His weekly interviews give a face and humanize the effects of immigration policy on immigrants and the children of immigrants. It humanizes the immigration conversation and reminds us why it’s important

Great person and podcast!

I was honored to do an interview and speak on immigration. This podcast is original and I wish more people knew about it so they could learn about how people are being affected by this administration. Keep up the good work!

Not Just any radio show

Hi dear iPhone users, if you are reading this I will highly recommend you download Immigration Mic podcasts, truth is the space provided by Hendel Leiva for people to share their stories is to educate our communities about the struggles we as immigrants and undocumented immigrants have to struggle with every day in a society that now a days sees us as criminals, this space opens a door for us to express ourselves and invites you the people to get involved and raise your voices to learn from others to overcome obstacles and keep the fight for justice hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have God bless y'all

Refreshing, Real Conversations!

As the daughter of two immigrant parents, it's great to hear people finally having a safe place to talk about their experiences without judgement and hidden agendas. I enjoy listening to them and am glad that, even with today's oppressive environment for immigrants, people are brave enough to come forward and share their experiences. Can't wait for more MUST LISTEN interviews!

Real Stories From The Heart

Immigration stories and perspectives that are needed during these trying political times. It's important to hear these real stories, as opposed to news clips that don't give you a full picture.

Genuine, Entertaining, and Vital

These podcasts have shined a light on the issues immigrants face nationally. It is genuine, entertaining, and is vital to the conversation.

Exciting, New, Fresh (to say the least)

Coming across Immigration MIC has been a pleasurable experience, Hendel Leiva has created a platform where immigrants or children of immigrants can voice their insight and experience and what it means to be an immigrant in modern America, a place where the welcome mat is not as welcoming as before. Immigration MIC podcast has given me a unique perspective on what it means to grow up Latino in the 21st century, it's a must listen, I encourage anyone seeking first hand accounts of modern immigrants and immigration movements happening around us to listen. Great to see a place where untold stories, can be told and shared without judgment nor shame.

A Must Listen!

This is an absolutely fantastic podcast which brings to the light the real stories of those in the immigrant community as can only by done, in their own words. Insightful, thought provoking, and inspirational, this podcast is a must listen!

This podcast is one of the only unbiased and honest shows about the immigration activism world.

This podcast is one of the only unbiased and honest shows about the immigration activism world. I have been immigration activist for over six years now and I have yet to come by a podcast whose main goal is to only uplift the stories of real people that dedicate their lives to the cause. I highly recommend that you subscribe and support Immigration Mic's work.