Oct. 23, 2020

Joel Salguero: DACA and Host of "The Objective Truth" Podcast! + Go Vote!

Joel Salguero: DACA and Host of

*This episode of Immigration MIC  was originally recorded in August. 

Welcome Joel Salguero to the Immigration MIC Podcast!

Joel and I met through the Stony Brook Audio Fellows program when I presented to his undergraduate cohort back in March, and we reconnected through this interview to talk about where he's at going back to in-person/virtual learning, his personal immigration story, his take on the fight for DACA, and how his show takes a nuanced look at issues -- while remaining objective.

The Objective Truth

The Objective Truth Podcast aims at educating, investigating, and sharing stories, facts, and experiences from a variety of topics ranging from personal wellness all the way to political science.

In the open of the episode I reflect on where I'm at in this moment with the elections coming up, and with more tragedy that has happened this year -- it's not the full story, but hope you take a listen as I continue to be in solidarity with everyone, with the overwhelming amount of suffering this year. 

It's almost five years since Immigration MIC started! 

Enjoy this latest episode.