July 14, 2019

Betzy Valdez, @bempowereddreamer on Immigration MIC!

Betzy Valdez,  @bempowereddreamer on Immigration MIC!

Welcome Betzy Valdez of @bempowereddreamer to Episode 92 of the @immigrationmicpodcast!

Welcome Betzy Valdez of @bempowereddreamer to Episode 92 of the @immigrationmicpodcast!

Betzy is a DACA recipient from Central Mexico whose family immigrated to Colorado for a better life for their family; her sister was born with bilateral microtia and needed specialized care.

Growing up, Betzy hid her good grades and intelligence to fit in, and similarly, she was uncomfortable with immigration conversations because she felt it would bring up her immigration status.

9/11 marked an important moment for her; she felt it became a hopeless situation to find relief for her immigration status or to obtain residency.

She talks about her life transitions: getting married at 19, having her first child at 20, and how her three daughters motivate her to push forward.

Betzy describes her inner struggles being undocumented in high school, and how after DACA in 2012, she was able to go back to school, and is working towards her associates degree; her way of going after the American Dream.

We talk about the 2016 election, and how Betzy was crushed by DACA being ended in 2017 - and how she fought against the negativity during that time, and didn’t let it defeat her.

She tells the story of when she unexpectedly first told her story at a networking event, and the fateful moment that she knew she was destined to tell her story to empower herself and others.

Betzy is using the page @bempowereddreamer as a way to express herself and share her story widely, and talks about how the challenges at the federal level has brought something else out of her to fight for change.

BONUS: From @latinosoutloud: Radio/TV On Air Personality, Club Host+Blogger+ @Spotify Global Content Programming @ajelkallejero tells an important anecdote of his family’s immigration story and how his mom is giving back to the undocumented community!

BONUS: At the beginning of the episode, find out how you can support immigration activist and content creator Stephanie Ramirez’s “Families Belong Together” campaign — all sales from the t-shirt will go to @raicestexas & @borderangelsofficial: two nonprofit groups leading in the fight against the inhumane treatment of migrants.