Immigration MIC

Immigration MIC

Hosted by Long Island activist Hendel Leiva, each episode takes you through the individual journey and story of each guest, and the personal reasons why they're fighting for immigrants across the nation, in their own way. Follow Hendel on Instagram and Twitter: @hendelonthemic

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“Empath” Is My Superpower: A 2020 Podcasting Call to Action

In this episode, I read my new article which brings together my experience with Immigration MIC, my friend's passing due to COVID-19 due to the federal government's response, and the Black lives being lost as part of a systemic pattern. Stay safe everyone.

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Bonus: Careerfluencer, It Girl Thoughts, & A Personal Update

In light of a friend recently passing from complications from COVID-19, this bonus episode will instead focus on spotlighting two women of color podcasters I recently collaborated with. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a full length episode having taken the time to process this moment, but in the meantime, please support the important work both of these podcasters are doing by taking a listen to the additional episodes below.

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David Silva, and Techqueria's Fundraising For Undocumented Families

Welcome David Silva Ossa, co-founder of Techqueria (the nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech) to the Immigration MIC Podcast!



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Insightful podcast on immigrant stories

"Hendel is a great producer and highlights unique activists, community leaders and business owners in Long Island that have eye-opening stories. Puts …"

By Nicole Ki on April 26, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Informed and Accessible

"Hendel has a genuine passion for the immigrant narrative and finding uplifting beacons to share their story’s. He has created a palpable platform tha…"

By The Art Engineer on April 22, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

This podcast is doing amazing work!

"I love the platform Hendel has built and the support community he is creating. Its really a wonderful thing that people with all types of connections…"

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A Powerful Platform For Immigration Stories

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