Immigration MIC

Immigration MIC

Hosted by Long Island activist Hendel Leiva, each episode takes you through the individual journey and story of each guest, and the personal reasons why they're fighting for immigrants across the nation, in their own way.

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Joel Salguero: DACA and Host of "The Objective Truth" Podcast! + Go Vote!

Oct. 23, 2020

*This episode of Immigration MIC was originally recorded in August. Welcome Joel Salguero to the Immigration MIC Podcast! Joel and I met through the Stony Brook Audio Fellows program when I presented to his undergraduate co…

Paola Mendoza, Women's March Co-founder and her new novel "Sanctuary" on Immigration MIC!

Aug. 15, 2020

Paola Mendoza, Film Director, Activist, and a Co-Founder of the Women’s March, joins us on @immigrationmicpodcast to talk about her upcoming book “Sanctuary”! In this interview, Paola and I discuss her personal commitment to…